joi, 26 februarie 2009

O casuta in Bucegi. La Moeciu

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  1. frumoase cadre..zici ca-i casuta vulpii din veronica, cu vegetatia aceea, incadrarea..e drept, peste ani, in paragina :))

  2. Frumos!! I hope that says beautiful!
    More amazing scenic photos. And a Wolf?!?! Fantastic!
    I really enjoy them. I only wish I could read the descriptions because I'd love to know more about what I am seeing.

  3. Oana, sunt superbe pozele! Felicitari!

  4. Ema...nici vulpita si nici Veronica nu mai erau pe acolo. Data viitoare cand ma duc am sa verific bine. :)

  5. Tim, is exactly the right word.
    I'll try to translate you the descriptions it the future. For now, if you want more informations you should ask me on my e-mail.

    I'll wait your questions.

  6. Pictures directly from a story-book! I am envious how you have been on what kind of beautiful places winter and summer! You live here not far?


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